Special thanks to Picho, info taken from Nodiatis forum.

Trapping is a lot different than other trade skills. You can only use it once per day per trap you have set. To trap, you first have to get the traps, and find a place to put them. Stick them in storage in that place. (around towns is good place.) then fight a monster. After the monster is defeated, right click on the trap and say "set trap"

The next day go to the trap, defeat a monster and then right click the trap in your storage and say "Check Trap" after a little while a trap will appear and you push the space bar.

Detailed tutorial on trapping: (by Glitchless)

  1. Purchase several Rodent Traps at the pet store. Traps can be used over and over again but having more traps to set will increase the amount you can catch per day.
  2. Go fight a creature, after having killed a creature exit looting and put a single trap into storage.
  3. Right click the trap in storage and click "Set Trap" Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for other traps.
  4. Come back in 1 or 2 days to check on your traps. Waiting 2 days is better than 1 but waiting more than that does not increase the chance of success.
  5. Right click a trap that you have returned to (you must be at its location) and click "Check Trap", wait until you locate the trap and hit the spacebar to see if you have caught anything. Your trap will remain set for you to check on in another day or two whether you have caught something or not.

This nets you rat heads/wiskers and other such thing. You have to keep them in your inventory for a day where they will rot into their usable form.

Trapping Level Required to Process Sinew
Diseased Rat Head 0 Diseased Sinew
Slimy Rat Whiskers 3 Slimy Sinew
Chewed Rat Ear 6 Chewed Sinew
Plague Rat Tail 10 Plague Sinew
Moldy Rat Leg 13 Moldy Sinew
Bile Soaked Rat Torso 17 Bile Soaked Sinew
Large Rat Head 20 Coarse Sinew
White Rat Whiskers 24 White Whisker Sinew
Shriveled Rat Ear 27 Shriveled Ear Sinew
Pink Rat Tail 30 Pink Tail Sinew
Meaty Rat Leg Meaty Leg Sinew
Hairy Rat Torso Thick Hairy Sinew
Owlmouse Head Brainy Sinew
Pink Rat Whiskers Pink Whisker Sinew
Owlmouse Ear Inner Ear Sinew
Long Mouse Tail Lengthy Tail Sinew
Owlmouse Leg Owlmouse Leg Sinew
Vibrant Mouse Torso Vibrant Torso Sinew
Vampire Rat Head Vibrant Head Sinew
Vamprat Whiskers Vamprat Whisker Sinew
Blood Filled Earsack Bloody Ear Sinew
Night Thrasher Thrasher Sinew
Vamprat Leg Vamprat Leg Sinew
Vamprat Torso Vamprat Rib Sinew
Aquamouse Head Aqua Brain Sinew
Flowing Mouse Whiskers Water Whisker Sinew
Pristine Mouse Ear Pristine Ear Sinew
Glowing Mouse Tail Glowtail Sinew
Aquamouse Leg Aqua Leg Sinew
Aquamouse Torso Aqua Rib Sinew
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