Special thanks to TugaKnight/Ehlmaris! Info taken from Nodiatis forum.

The Tank Build

Class bonus: 5% bonus to beneficial auras.

Melee: 5% bonus to exp gains.
Magic: 0% exp gain modifier.
Defense: 10% bonus to exp gains.
Recovery: 13% penalty to exp gains.

Starting stats (I actually don't remember anything but the following…. sorry.)

PST 103
INT 101 CNC 101
PRE 130 MRE 73 REG 100


Split stats between Str and Dex. No points into Pst. The reason for this has nothing to do with melee attacking, oddly enough. It focuses on combining these stats with Agi and the Parry/Block skills. Using these you can completely avoid being hit from time to time!

All stats into Mst. Since your main role is going to be keeping the enemy from attacking other members of your group, the only spells you need to cast on the target are taunts. You might think you will need some Cnc to make sure the taunts hit, but at level 20 you get access to the Aggravation skill, which reduces the enemy's ability to resist your taunt gems. Other gems you need are auras (no cnc or int needed) and heals (again, no cnc or int needed). Energy and Mana replenishing gems are important, too.

2 into Agi (for block/parry) and 1 into Cnc. Make sure Cnc is always at least 105 + your level.

Honestly my recovery is at 1, and I'm at 20. I think once I start levelling it I will put it all into Mre. This is because, since I have no stats going into Pst, I will be using lots of mana-based heals. I'll need to be able to recover that stuff quickly.

Recommended weapon type

1 handed slashing. 1 handed so you can still use a shield, slashing because in the longrun it is better for supporting damage.

Recommended skills

Slashing, Critical Strike, Overcrit, Double Attack, Slash Spec.

Suiting, Parry, Blocking, Combat Recovery, Impedance, Deflective Shield, Combat Endurance, Combat Concentration.

Life Magic
Sorcery, White Magic, Green Magic, Shared Bliss, Eternity, Palisade.

Psych Magic
Mind Bending, Blue Magic, Wizardry (10), Gem Handling


When playing the Tank Paladin, your main focus is on groups. When going solo, though, you should be able to support yourself. The idea is to get the most AC with your equipment as possible so that you can take a severe beating but still keep going. With str and agi pumped, your shield should block fairly reliably - around 20% of the time with Blocking maxed. Dex being pumped means another 20% chance of a parry. That means you only get hit 64% of the time. That's still a lot, so you'll need some gems to support yourself.


You want Damage Negation, Damage Reflect and Damage Mirror auras. Your highest ranks of these gems need to be in slots 2, 3 and 4, as they are staples of your gem slot setup. For others, you want some heal over time gems and some taunts. When fighting solo, you use the HoT's, when grouped you should use two taunts and a HoT. Recastable taunts, though they're heavy on mana and energy cost, they're quite handy. You need two because the delay on the recastables is too high compared to duration for you to only need one to ensure your group members never get hit. When getting heals, focus on those that use mana only. You're gonna be low on energy constantly.

Also, once you hit level 30, make sure you pick up some Resurrection gems - as many as you can hold in your pouch. With the ability to save people their RT, you're an invaluable asset - especially later on when people lose over an HOUR of time when they die.

When you're grouped, make sure you go into battle first and only let the others come in once you've got the enemy taunted. That way they can come in without worrying about getting hit. Technically you shouldn't need the Res gems, but sometimes things go wrong… anyway. Try to group with a DPS and a Healer. The Healer should be able to use Res in case you take too much damage, and the DPS should be able to hit the enemy reliably for heavy damage.

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