Magician Class

Special, huge thanks to Kellisa! Info take from Nodiatus forum.

Class bonus: Base bonus of 3% to both blue and red magic effects.

Melee experience bonus: -17%
Magic exp bonus: +25%
Defense exp bonus: -17%
Recovery bonus: +15%

Starting stats (22 Hitpoints; 133 Energy, 119 Mana)

Melee - 95 STR; 103 DEX; 105 PST
Magic - 105 INT; 97 CNC; 101 MST
Defense - 107 AGI; 106 CNT; 90 DUR
Recovery - 100 PRE; 100 MRE; 103 REG

Stat importance (generally speaking): Int, Cnc, Mst, Pst, Mre, Dex, Pre, Str, Dur, Agi, Cnt, Reg

Recommended weapon type: Staff (Using a staff gives great bonuses to chars which rely on gems, which are actually more important than the actual damage from a staff, simply hover your mouse over some of the magic skills to see what they do)

Recommended skills (in order of importance):

Death Magic - Diabolism, Red Magic, Staves, Destruction, Sleight of Hand; (level 20 skills) Inferno, Longevity

Psych Magic - Mind Bending, Blue Magic, Wizardry, Divination, Gem Handling; (level 20 skills) Replay, Perseverance

Life Magic - Mental Conservation, Sorcery; (level 20 skill) Eternity

Protection - Suiting, Parry, Impedance, Combat Recovery; (level 20 skills) Combat Concentration, Combat Endurance, Mirrored Blade

Weaponry - Two-Handed, Critical Strike, Overcrit; (level 20 skills) Double Attack, Crush Spec

Beastmastery - Petmanship

A good way to utilise your class bonus is to be a DD (direct damage) caster. DDs will also become your main damage output. Blue DD gems offer a lower but consistent range of damage using equal amounts of energy and mana or a wider range of damage for mana only, whereas red magic offers a low minimum damage but very high maximum damage possibility using mana only.

Seeing as blue/red magic use mainly mana, some useful additions to your gem pouch would be mana restoration gems, earliest found in Fenelia, as well as balance gems found first in Castille. With careful management, you can have an almost never-ending supply of mana to attack with.

However the most important gem for DD casters is the Flare Up Aura, first found in Stronhad, which increases the maximum range of direct damage gems.
These will greatly improve your DD effectiveness, and should be placed in the first slot of your gem pouch so that any future DD gems that are drawn can be used immediately to the best of their ability.

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