Special thanks to Picho, info taken from Nodiatis forum.

To hunt, one need a bow and an arrow. Any bow and arrow will do. It is also important to have a skinning knife. This nets you animal corpses and skins.

First, find something to fight on land.
Second, defeat the monster, and then click on the bow button at the bottom after you finish looting.
It will come up with a new screen showing you the area you were just fighting in. After a few seconds you will either get kicked out of the hunting, or an animal will appear.

Shooting you the animal gives you the animal corpse. These will rot away in a day leaving bones behind. Or you can skin the animal for a skin.

Hunting Decaying
Mongoose Mongoose Leg Bone
Quadhorn Quadhorn Antlers
Bison Bison Hoof
Woodland Critter Critter Leg Bone
Roo Pup Roo Tail Skeleton
Swamp Elk Swamp Elk Antlers
Elder Turkey Elder Turkey Bones
Bluebeak Penguin Penguin Bones
Stag Stag Antler
Ostosaur Ostosaur Claw
Bunny Darko Bunny Bones
Mulebok Mulebok Skull
Crescent Top Crescent Top Wing Bones
Fenelihorn Fenelihorn Antlers
Prairie Hare Prairie Hare Bones
Female Peacock Female Peacock Beak
Desert Camel Desert Camel Bones
Warpig Warpig Skull
Giant Coonrat Giant Coonrat Skull
Striped Billy Striped Billy Bones
Night Leaper Night Leaper Femur
Great Eland Great Eland Skull
Blesbok Blesbok Horns
Spotted Tapier Spotted Tapier Foot Bones
Clawhorn Clawhorn Skull
Sageboar Sageboar Bones
Elder Kudu Elder Kudu Horns
Infernal Infernal Tail Skeleton
Behemoth Behemoth Skull
Pleskorn Pleskorn Tusks
Skinning Level Leather
Mongoose Skin 0 Mongoose Leather
Quadhorn Hide 3 Quadhorn Leather
Bison Hide 6 Bison Leather
Critter Skin 10 Woodland Critter Leather
Roo Pelt 13 Roo Pup Leather
Swamp Elk Hide 17 Swamp Elk Leather
Turkey Coat 20 Elder Turkey Leather
Penguin Skin 24 Bluebeak Penguin Leather
Stag Hide 27 Stag Leather
Ostosaur Hide 30 Ostosaur Leather
Bunny Skin Bunny Darko Leather
Mulebok Hide Mulebok Leather
Crescent Top Coat Crescent Top Leather
Fenelihorn Hide Fenelihorn Leather
Prairie Hare Skin Prairie Hare Leather
Peacock Coat Female Peacock Leather
Desert Camel Hide Desert Camel Leather
Warpig Skin Warpig Leather
Giant Coonrat Pelt Giant Coonrat Leather
Striped Billy Hide Striped Billy Leather
Night Leaper Pelt Night Leaper Leather
Great Eland Hide Great Eland Leather
Blesbok Hide Blesbok Leather
Spotted Tapier Skin Spotted Tapier Leather
Clawhorn Hide Clawhorn Leather
Sageboar Skin Sageboar Leather
Elder Kudu Hide Elder Kudu Leather
Infernal Pelt Infernal Leather
Behemoth Hide Behemoth Leather
Pleskorn Hide Pleskorn Leather
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