Big thanks goes to Mikael / liljeaden! He composed this guide.

Guardian build.

Class bonus: Base bonus of 4% to chance to block.

Melee experience bonus: +5%
Magic exp bonus: -20%
Defence exp bonus: +20%
Recovery bonus: +0%

Starting stats - can't be of help here

Stat importance:

Strength - to improve blocking and to increase chance of dealing maximum damage
Dexterity - to improve parrying and to increase hit chance

Concentration - to increase your chance of hitting with gems (blue magic mainly)
Mental Stamina - to boost the amount of mana (less important than Concentration)

Agility - to improve your parrying and blocking
Contravention - to improve your magic defence
Durability (optional) - to boost the amount of hit points

I'd suggest keeping Regeneration a little higher than the other two.

Recommended weapon type: any one-handed, to be able to use a shield

Recommended skills:

Slashing/Piercing/Crushing (choose one, suit yourself) - I'd suggest a weapon with a high maximum damage (may be a little slower) as your Strength will be quite high
Critical Strike - depending on what kind of weapon you're using (the skill's recommended if your weapon's maximum damage is high)
Overcrit - same as above

Suiting - to improve your AC through this skill directly and indirectly (items)
Blocking - obviously to increase chance to block attacks, and be able to use a better shield
Parrying - similar as the above-mentioned skill, but to increase chance to parry this time
Combat Recovery - may be helpful, not a first priority, though
Impedance - obvious again, your Contravention will be high so this skill may be very helpful

Life Magic
Sorcery - gems-using purpose only
White/Green Magic (or both) - for healing and DoT (Damage over Time) purposes. As you'll be using Blue Magic as well (Balance gems, for instance) it won't really matter which one you choose. You'll have more mana but with Balance gems it won't make much of a difference.

Psych Magic
Mind Bending - gems-using purpose only
Blue Magic (very important) - for gems such as Taunt and Balance, which are very important for all the defensive classes. You'll be taunting quite often when fighting in a group.
Wizardry (get it to 10, later maybe even 40) - for the other pouch. You can then create a group pouch and a solo one. Solo one will contain healing, DoT and Balance gems mostly. The group one's for taunting and healing. You may get a third pouch for escape gems.
Gem Handling (very important) - to be able to put up to 4 alike gems in your pouch. Will ease using your auras as well.

Petmanship - for pets only. A healing pet in one slot and an offensive one in the other one is what I'd recommend.

You got an insight into the way guardians are. The strategy is quite simple. You have to improve your defensive stats and skills mostly.

Blocking and parrying will be boosted with Agility and Strength/Dexterity. You'll of course need the two skills as well (Blocking and Parry). Furthermore, to get less damage when hit, you'll need Contravention and some AC (improve your suiting and buy equipment). Contravention combined with Impedance will allow you to resist some spells.

Investing so much into defensive stats and skills doesn't hurt your attack, though. Keep in mind that Strength and Dexterity help in this matter as well. That's one more reason why you should invest some points in these.

Another important thing is magic. For healing, you'll need Mental Stamina only (not necessarily). This will increase the amount of your mana. However, as you'll be probably using blue magic as well, Concentration's needed - to increase your gem-casting's hit chance. Taunting will make the enemies target you. Don't worry. You can handle that. Balance gems will also help you keep your mana and energy in balance (how obvious) so don't worry about which one's higher.

You may want to invest some points in Mental Stamina and Physical Stamina later on, though. I'd suggest only the first one.

As soon as I get to level 20, I'll add some points. As far as I know, that's it for now.

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