Special thanks to Picho, info taken from Nodiatis forum.

To do gardening you first need a Gardening Shovel for T3 (Fenelia) for 900. In areas which can be gardened in. You need to win a combat and click on the shovel button. This will start the gardening mini game which involves matching pairs of pictures and tests your memory. If you do this you will get a fruit or vegetable.

Fruit and vegetables can be turned into oils. To do this you need an oil boiler from T3 for 2200. You press use tool on it and put a stack of two fruits or vegetables and a fish to make oil.

Gardening Level Required to Process Brewing
Eggplant 0 Eggplant Oil
Zucchini 3 Zucchini Oil
Radish 6 Radish Oil
Red Cabbage 10 Red Cabbage Oil
Tomato 13 Tomato Seed Oil
Mushroom 17 Mushroom Oil
Asparagus 20 Asparagus Oil
Broccoli 24 Broccoli Oil
Red Onion 27 Red Onion Oil
Sweet Pea 30 Sweet Pea Oil
Scallion Scallion Oil
Artichoke Artichoke Oil
Bell Pepper Bell Pepper Seed Oil
Toadstool Toadstool Oil
Chilli Pepper Chilli Pepper Oil
Squash Squashseed Oil
Vine Plum Vine Plum Pit Oil
Aged Potato Aged Potato Oil
Avocado Avocado Oil
Banana Pepper Banana Pepper Oil
Kiwano Kiwano Oil
Carrots Carrot Oil
Cucumber Cucumber Seed Oil
Jellyplum Jellyplum Oil
Watermelon Watermelon Seed Oil
Green Bananas Green Banana Oil
Thornfruit Leaves Thornfruit Leaf Oil
Dotted Choko Dotted Choko Oil
Magnolia Eye Magnolia Eye Oil
Slug Tuber Slug Tuber Oil
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