Special thanks to Picho, info taken from Nodiatis forum.

To forage you must get a Botanist's handbook from T3 for 500. After combat in a foragable area click on the handbook to start the mini game. In the minigame you must click on an invisible object that you can see if your mouse goes over it. Once you click on it and can get your reward.

The items you get from foraging can be made into dyes. If you buy a dye press from T3 for 2500 you can press use tool and make a stack of 2. If you continue you will get a dye.

Foraging Level Required to Process Dyeing
Elderberries 0 Elderberry Dye
Tea Leaves 3 Tea Leaf Dye
Thistleberries 6 Thistleberry Dye
Raspberry 10 Raspberry Dye
Eureka Leaves 13 Eureka Leaf Dye
Strawberries 17 Strawberry Dye
Fenelifigs 20 Fenelifig Dye
Pea Leaves 24 Pea Leaf Dye
Larva Pods 27 Larva Pod Dye
Mini Pears 30 Mini Pear Dye
Creep Leaves Creep Leaf Dye
Spiderfruit Spiderfruit Dye
Fern Seeds Fern Seed Dye
Craw Leaves Craw Leaf Dye
Split Leaves Split Leaf Dye
Cranberries Cranberry Dye
Boulder Berries Boulder Berry Dye
Juniper Berries Juniper Berry Dye
Elk Leaves Elk Leaf Dye
Slime Leaves Slime Leaf Dye
Winter Brush Winter Brush Dye
Poison Frella Poison Frella Dye
Grasping Leaves Grasping Leaf Dye
Palm Umbrella Palm Umbrella Dye
Pitchfork Plant Pitchfork Plant Dye
Poison Violets Poison Violet Dye
Anglica Fingers Anglica Finger Dye
Blunderberries Blunderberry Dye
Devil's Shoe Leaves Devil's Shoe Leaf Dye
Starfire Berries Starfire Berry Dye
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