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Q: How come it says I'm too heavy to move or even gate?
A: The maximum weight you can still move/gate with while encumbered is 3 times your total decumberance weight.

Q: How do I (un)ignore someone?
A: Type /i(gnore) username or right-click on their player icon, and toggle ignore.

Q: How do I level up?
A: Every time you gain 4 skills (out of Melee, Magic, Defense, and/or Recovery) in the Stats tab, you will gain a level. Leveling Class Enhancement or other Stats skills will not count towards your next level.

Q: What are golden showers?
A: If someone makes a purchase with real money, everyone online receives 1gold for each $1 US the player spends if that player has enabled the option.

Q: Where do I use spirit trophies?
A: In the altars inside the church where the seer is in each town. You can also use both combat and spirit trophies on the Altar of the Beast outside.

Q: What is the maximum number of group members?
A: Three.

Q: What is solo/acumen group?
A: It's when you are grouped with another player (or two) but don't fight in the same battles. This is so you can take advantage of the 'Group Acumen' skill (click on the Learning tag in the skills window to see its description). The other group member can be any level in any area doing anything for you to get the benefit.

Q: What is dismantling?
A: If you dismantle an item, you receive the master recipe for the item, and a stack of resins close to the store sell value of that item.

Q: So what do I do with a master recipe?
A: Assemble the ingredients listed and use a quill pen to create consumable copies of the recipe. Then, you assemble the new ingredients listed there to create the item itself.

Q: What are resins?
A: Resins are how we can craft (in essence, buy) trophies. You simply use an enchanting rod (bought in Stronhad or Atlimus for 600g) and place a stack of at least 1 resin in the top left hand corner only. The result will be a stack of either combat or spirit (random within limits) trophies at the value of 33.33g/1k exp, with the exception of the lower value trophies, and a weirdly priced resin or two that give slightly less exp for your gold. Resins can be bought in the General Store of each town, or gotten from dismantling items.

Q: What happens if I die?
A: If you die to a normal creature, then you will be teleported to the last town you visited, and lose rested time equal to your player level. In a duel, you don't lose anything except time wasted to regenerate afterwards. Dying to a PK is the same as dying normally, however if you are a paying account then the PK could loot 1 stack of non-soulbound items from your inventory - however they cannot loot timecards.

Q: What's a DoT/DD? And do they stack?
A: A DoT is a damage over time gem, i.e. one that does a certain amount of damage in a certain amount of time, whereas a DD (direct damage) gem is one that does damage instantly, but usually has a range of possible damage. DoTs do stack, like everything else in the game except auras of the same type.

Q: I'm a caster class, but the staff really sucks, so I'm using archery/slashing/piercing instead. Why bother?
A: The staff may not do as much damage per second as other weapons, but it does have its advantages. If you take a good look at the skills in life, death, and psych magic you will see that staff users get great bonuses in gem use. You will most likely see the big difference they can make in higher levels, when gems cost much energy/mana to use, and you can never get the right gems out fast enough. That being said, it's not such a bad idea to play as an archer or weaponsmaster while keeping the class bonus of your caster, but it's always good to take a closer look

Q: What are enchanting stones good for?
A: Enchanting stones modify your item's stats, giving and taking away an equal amount. This can be very useful for classes that don't need every single stat, e.g. archers don't need str, and a DoT caster wouldn't need int. Only one stone can be used on an item at a time; the newest one you put on it will overwrite the previous, although you can also wipe of all stat modifications with a wiping stone. Not all items can be enchanted however - the maximum number of stats you can enchant onto an item is twice the number of stats that come with it, so arrows, which never have base stats, can never be enchanted. Later on with high level equipment that come with 5, 10 stats, this would allow you to modify your stats by over 100, which can greatly enhance your fighting. To use one, simply right-click it, and use the tool on a piece of equipment in your inventory.

Q: I know I hate Daze, but why?
A: Daze causes the target's attacks/spells to target someone other than the original target for two seconds. It doesn't slow your gem draws down, nor does it affect energy/mana balance gems. Mesmerise prevents the target from placing a gem into an active slot, or click to use a gem already active for 3 seconds, and preventing you from clicking auto-attack/shot, as well as delaying your gem draw in that time. Stun causes the target to completely freeze and be unable to attack, place a gem into active slot, click auto-attack/shot, or even attack, as well as delaying your gem draw for 1 second (if you are encumbered or hit by a player with select level 40 skills, this may last longer). These gems are primarily used by normal creatures, although they are also very useful in PvP combat, and can be bought in Fenelia for 6k gold, with a requirement of 10 in Blue Magic.

Q: Where/what is Tx?
A: T simply means town.
T1 - Castille, the starting town
T2 - Stronhad
T3 - Fenelia
T4 - Atlimus
T5 - Burdinia
T6 - Maalin
T7 - Roggork
T8 - Dreval
T9 - Slevisk
T10 - Crella

You can open the Paper Map to see where they are and what to go through to get there.

Q: Why can't I use the 2nd pet slot?
A: You need a minimum of Level 30 in Petmanship to use 2 pets.

Q: When can I use 2 weapons?
A: At Level 20, you have access to a new skill called Dual Wield. Once you reach Level 20 in that skill, you can dual wield two one-handed weapons.

Q: Hmm should I level Cnc or Int as an archer? Or Dex/Str for piercer?
A: The effect of the two stats on your chance of doing maximum damage is derived from the average, so pick whichever stat you may like more (of it's other benefit), e.g. if you use DoTs rather than DD gems, you may want to level Cnc all the time, or if you prefer having higher parry to use two-handed piercers, then level Dex all the time.

Q: I have really high Cnt, but I rarely resist anything, doesn't it work?
A: Cnt requires skill in Sorcery, Diabolism, and/or Mind Bending to resist spells since it modifies their effect; if you have those skills very low then having lots of Cnt won't do much.

Q: I'm fighting a creature higher leveled than me, but I have lots of Dex and an accurate weapon, so why do I miss all the time?
A: Your player level compared to enemy level is a major factor in determining your chance to hit - the higher the enemy is compared to you, the less chance you have of landing a blow/shot.

Q: What is a hell level?
A: Hell levels are levels which take twice exp it would normally need to finish. They start at level 9, and are every other level ending in -9 (19, 29, etc.).

Q: I finished my battle, but why can't I gate?
A: If you hover your mouse over your RT bar, you will see that you need to be at full mana/energy/HP, at least 60 seconds (20/30 for RRT/RT on acceleration) since the last time you were in combat, and not gathering resources. You need to fulfill these conditions before you can gate.

Q: What are virtues/epics?
A: Epics are equipment that have better stats then they would normally at that level, and are rare drops off creatures. To do anything with one (except destroying it), you must purchase the virtues it needs - a lot of epics share the same requirements so if you purchase virtues for one epic, then you may not need to if you find/buy another one. Virtues cost $5 USD or 1 timecard each, and there are a total 30 of them. As well as allowing you to equip and/or sell epics, virtues give your character an additional 1% exp gain in all areas, which means that with all 30 virtues you will level at 130% the normal rate (made exponentially higher by all those learning skills). You can purchase virtues either by right-clicking an epic you find, or one that is in your trade window (trade doesn't have to go through).

Q: How do I get rid of the <SB> soulbound effect?
A: The only way to do that is to sell the item to a store and then buy it back. Costly, but no other option unless you go PK, then let whoever you want to trade the SB item to PKK you.

Q: Where do I find <insert quest item>?
A: They can be gotten off boss drops, but most are bought in towns in the General Store.

Dungeon Torch (for Moss Dungeon Levels 1-3) - Fenelia
Mountain Boots (for S. Dread Mountains) - Atlimus
Climbing Shoes (for N. Dread Mountains) - Moss Dungeon Level 2 boss drop
Bamboo Rafting Gear (for Halycon River) - Stronhad
Shine Goggles (for (Moss Dungeon Level 4+) - Roggork

Q: How do I get more gem slots in my pouch?
A: You start off with 5 gem slots, and after you reach level 5, then you will gain an additional pouch slot each time you gain a level, until you reach level 50, and therefore 50 pouch slots.

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