First of all buy an enchanting rod in Stronhad and experiment with different resources to create different and sometimes random enchantment stones. If experimenting with unknown recipes isn't your thing then either wait for others to do the ground work in enchanting or merely buy enchantment stones from others in auction to redistribute your item's stats.

For following info huge thanks to Sebe and Picho!

Heres all the materials that give 100% in a stat
This means that when you use one of theese materials in the left spot you get +in that stat and when you put it in the right spot you get - in that stat.

for example
dye in left spot and fish scales in right slot would be +str/-int
the better materials the higher + and -

for example 2 lvl 2 materials would give +2/-2.
2 lvl 4 materials would give +4/-4
1 lvl 2 material and 1 lvl 4 material would give +2/-2.

Bone 100% pst

skin 100% Mre

leather 100% dex

plank 100% dur

thread 100% cnt

cloth 100% cnc

ingot 100% pre

Geodes 100% mst

oil 100% reg

sinew 100% agi

dye 100% str

scales 100% int

Here are the materials that have 33% or 50% in 2 or 3 stats.. im not totally sure every material have the all the possible stats and that it really is 50% or 33% might be less or more in some stats.. it might depend on what other materials ure using aswell..
My advise is keep to the 100% materials..

Carass 50% pst 50% cnt

sticks 50% str 50% int

silk 33% pst 33% int 33% mre

ore 33% str 33% agi 33% cnt

plants 33% mst 33% agi 33% cnt

fish 50% mst 50% dur

vegetable 33% Pre 33% reg 33% dur

rodent parts 50% dex 50% reg

It is possible to create "blank" stones to remove these effects.

It is also possible for level 1 items to create +2 effects.

Blanks are made by either using an enchanting rod and clicking submit with all slots empty, or using 2 resources which have a chance of producing the same stat.

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