Beastmaster Class

And again, round of applause goes to Kellisa, source of knowledge. Info taken from Nodiatis forum.

Class Bonus: Base bonus of 5% to all pet damage and heals.

Melee exp bonus: 0%
Magic exp bonus: 0%
Defense exp bonus: -9%
Recovery exp bonus: +10%

Starting stats (36 Hitpoints; 122 Energy; 136 Mana)

Melee - 102 STR; 99 DEX; 102 PST
Magic - 98 INT; 99 CNC; 106 MST
Defense - 102 AGI; 99 CNT; 102 DUR
Recovery - 104 PRE; 101 MRE; 98 REG

Stat importance: Str, Dex, Dur, Agi, Cnt, Mst, Cnc, Pst, Reg, Mre, Pre

Recommended weapon type: Whip (like staves, whips give excellent bonuses to pet effectiveness, there is not much point being a beastmaster if you don't have a whip. Also, you can dual wield whips, and the bonuses stack)

Recommended skills (in order of importance):

(before you get your first pet, simply use slashing or piercing weapons)

Beastmastery - Petmanship, Whips, Wound, Predacity, Taming, Loyalty; (level 20 skill) Ferocity

Weaponry - Critical Strike, Overcrit; (level 20 skills) Dual Wield, Double Attack, Slash Spec

Protection - Suiting, Parry, Blocking (only until you reach level 20 and can dual wield whips), Impedance; (level 20 skill) Dual Parry

Life Magic - Sorcery, White Magic, Green Magic; (level 20 skill) Eternity

Psych Magic - Mind Bending, Blue Magic, Wizardry (to 10 only), Gem Handling

Death Magic - Diabolism

Leveling a beastmaster is the same as leveling another melee class, the only difference is the emphasis on beastmastery skills and the type of weapon. Whips don't deal as much damage as other types, so until you actually get a pet then a slashing weapon is probably the best choice. After you get at least a sewer rat though, increase your Whips and Wound skill asap. With each whip your pet will have an additional 20% chance to crit, and coupled with the Wound skill which means your pet will do any crit damage in a bonus 10 second bleed, this can mean serious damage. Since pets aren't so common as normal weapons, try to get the epic or at least rare ones, or you will be waiting a very long time before you can equip a normal pet with the same damage.

You will need level 30 in Petmanship before you can equip 2 pets, and you should be fully concentrating on getting this even around level 25. Also, remember to try and keep all your beastmastery skills up close to your level, instead of using the trophies on other skills first, because your main damage all comes from that section.

A few things that give beastmasters an edge in the game are: the Companionship learning skill at level 20, instead of adding 1% like the other types, each skill in Companionship gives a 2% bonus to active beastmastery exp gains. You can also equip/unequip pets during a battle, which allows for good maneuverability. You can also use both spirit and combat trophy types on the Altar of the Beast, making skilling doubly efficient.

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